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Success in Interview, Hearing, Test

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Note from HopetoHeal: There are so many requests for duas in this posting that I cannot possibly respond to each dua by typing.  It is important that you visit this site (click the HopetoHeal header)  and look for other supplications in other postings and read up on  the comments below because many questions are repeat questions that I have answered alreadty. You will find beneficial information for your needs, bi-idhnillah.  When I do see a request for dua, I try to make it immediately so continue to post them, I am making dua.  I just may not be able to respond to all of you.  May Allah grant you all  success in this dunya (for all your Jaiz needs) and in the aakhira, and kindly make dua for me and for all who are part of this effort too.  May Allah bless you all and forgive me – Ameen!

537 Responses to Dua Before Interview, Exams, Hearing

  1. RABIA says:

    i did pass my interview but they did’nt answer me about my case plz pray for me i sent more documents n waiting for the good results inshallah but i didn’t read this dua i need to read for my result would u plz upload dua for me …….thank you n allah hafiz

    • SHARAAZ KHAN says:

      I am not sure if it is late. But may Allah grant you success in all that you seek from the permitted things.

      • ASIYA says:

        Assalam wa alaikum:

        I have a problem actually i loves my friend and even he use to love me but now he suddenly he changed his mind and went away from me and even stoped contacting me. i ‘m very much scared to loose him i don’t wan’t to loose him i love him a lot i feel lyk i can’t leave without him plz tell me what dua shud i recite so he shud call me lyk bfore and love me lyk bfore and even he shud want me to marry plz help me its very urgent and plz tell me if any side effects occur..

      • ROSHNI KHAN says:


        I keep on giving interview for cabin crew however I get rejection every time.what to do.please help me as soon as possible i have only one year.

        Allah hafiz

      • Assalam O Alakum

        Sharaaz Bhaijaan

        Having experience for more than 11 years . Its been hard for me to find a job either here in India or in Middle east. Its been 2 years that I am trying to follow the of sunna. Due to my outlook now( Beard ) I guess that companies are hesitant to select me . I was also asked by a company at Kuwait to remove my beard as it was against the standards of the profession(Retail). What hurt ed me most was it was a Muslim brother who asked me to do so .By the Grace of the Almighty ALLAH i sticked to my sunna and did not remove my beard but in turn i left the company.

        • SEEKING HELP says:

          Dearest Brother,

          I am 47 years of age, I have been working in Dubai over 24 years and recently due to some inner political hatred I lost my job. I have been jobless for over 7 months I have a wife and son to look after I have been very helpful in my past and very generous in helping others. I have to admit I was not praying regularly and now I have given up all evil and I pray 5 times including Thaajath daily and ask for Duwa until now I see nothing positive in my life, daily bills are piling up, I have forwarded my CV to several companies but received no response I even have invited investors no response in this light I seek your guidance in the name of Allah to give a good duwa please help me

        • ABDUL HAKEEM says:

          Remember to say Alhamduililah for everything.Allah will always provide for you brother. May Allah bestow his mercy on you keep following the Sunna.

        • FAHAD AHMED says:

          I had the similar experience from a Kuwaiti firm. For one year they kept telling me they will send visa and all finally they send me an offer letter but no visa finally they told me i needed to trim my beard and i’m yet without a job because when i agreed to trim (some people said i could trim not shave) they said they were no more hiring. now i’m jobless for 7 months. its terrible that these people have so much money but are so less professional or have any care for there words. they never keep promises.

      • JEHAN KHAN says:

        As-salaam alaykum ..السلام عليكم
        I would like to know if there is any kind of good dua for a job/career that i can read for my husband, he is trying to get residency in a hospital as a doctor, and it has been an extreme hardship for him, and a difficult time, because he just can’t get accepted into any hospital for medical residency. M’A he is a doctor from pakistan, and is trying to get a job here somewhere in california, or any state. Every year it becomes that much harder, if you can please give us a good dua to read to help ease this difficult time for us, and to help him get into any good hospital. Thankyou so much! Allah Hafiz..

      • JABEEN SULTANA says:

        Please let me the clarifications since myself and my husband are suffering from problems each and every month

      • IFRAH says:

        slaam my name is ifrah i really need your help i applied for my husbands visa last year in june and it got rejected so we sent the case in for review and still no luck
        but now the appeal has been accepted im really scared on whats going to happen awll my family says read somthing it brings shafah but what should i read to help us in his visa we might even have to go to cought we are going to find out this month plz help me and do dua for us i have a nine month baby girl as well and ive been married for 2 years now plz plz plz help me

        • ABDUL says:

          Salaam Alaikum my sister in Islam!
          I’m not sure if this is too late…but whenever you make dua remember to make that Dua whiles in sujud! tell Allah your problems and ask him to bless our holy prophet (SAW) and then ask Rasul Lillah to plead on your behalf to Allah for what you’re looking for…example :

          “Ya Allah, here Iam asking you for your mercy and success… I ask you to bless my parents, forgive them their sins those that they know and those that they know not, forgive them their sins against humans the ones they know and the ones they know not…bless our beloved prophet Mohammad (saw) Ya Allah Iam here crying to you because what you have written no one can overwrite, because you are the mighty one, my husband is attending an interview on ________ to meet a fellow human being but I know Ya Allah these person does not have power over what you have written…I beg you for the love of Rasul Lillah if this Interview is going to go against our wish to please turn it to our favor for the love of Mohammad Rasul Lillah! (saw)there’s no one who could do ANYTHING without your help and Iam here begging you because only you can help us no one else! etcccc ..just TALK to Allah about your problems and don’t say “I know you know my problems Allah so solve them for me” ….don’t say that…

          I would also like to ask you and all of us here to pray for me I have an Interview at the embassy next week I pray that Allah will do it for all of us for the love and sake of our lovely and beloved Prophet ..Mohammad Rasul Lillah (S.A.W)

          Salaam Alaikum

      • HHJHGG says:

        help me im not shure for long 2 digit division I know but I don’t know if ill get it right help meeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • A. M says:

        Dear Author ( Muslim brother/sister )

        The above Dua indeed has power and Mashaallah I recited 99 times before my interview and prayed to Allah to ease my interview.
        I attended my interview and in less than 3 mins I was in and succeeded.

        Thank you

      • RIEDWAAN says:

        Asalaam mu alaikum brother I am going for Interview on 4 June at 11am for position I have been doing for last 7 years a d always over look make dua so I am successful In Sha Allah. Ameen

    • ZAMAN says:

      asak rabia, inshallah allah will surely help you .. firstly allow me to introduce m y self iam zaman 27m from india/hyd presenlty in ksa i will be glad to know more about you
      and remember in your precious duwas

    • ZEBA says:

      hi sister i dont undersatand what you mean by you read the dua 99 times is that on the same day as the interview or is that everyday before the intreview. plz sister can you pray i get the job plz plz pzl.

    • UZMA says:

      I have an interview this is my second chance i cannot loose it i really want this job can you all muslim brothers and sisters please pray for me and i will try and get this job for monday

    • MUHAMMAD says:

      Read surah kahf one time or if u want to shorten read first ten ayaah and last ten ayaah. Thank You


      Assalam o alaikum
      please tell me how to read this dua.I mean this is to be read after any namaz specially or anytime.And how many time?

  2. AMMAR KHAN says:

    Alhamdulilah I did pass my interview and everything went fine.

  3. AMIR KHAN says:

    I have 9 exams, starting tomorrow, spanning across 5 days. Please pray for me to do well…

    Thank You.

    May glory be to Allah!

    • SHARAAZ KHAN says:

      May Allah grant you success in all of your exams and future tests – Ameen!

      • NAILA PARVEEN says:


        Humre MBA k Exam Hain PLz Mere laye or Meri Dear Friend Sister Samina k laye be dua karna ka hum ko Allah Exam Main success DE AMIN




      • NAILA PARVEEN says:


        Main sab ko request karti hon plz humko dua main yad rkhna humareee exam start hone waly hain
        or sir Sharaz khan aapko hum specially ye kehty hain k nimaz main humara name lekar humko dua main yad rakhna
        Allah sab ki naik duein kabool karin aamin

        Ya Allah hum sab ki naik duein kabool farma or sbko apni zindagi k naib aim main kamyab kar aaaamin




      • MUHAMMAD QASIM says:


  4. ALI BABA says:

    May Allah reward you abundantly. Insha Allah I will Do this Dua.



  6. OMAR says:

    My name is omer,i am searching for a job and want to marry a girl who also loves me,pleasae pray for both job and marriage and always remember me in your prayers

    • SHARAAZ KHAN says:

      May Allah put more love, repect and honor between the two of you. Live your life according to that of the Character of Rasul-Allah (sallallahu alayhe wasallam) and you will be more than successfull. May Allah be with you and the may the gaze of Rasul-Allah (sallallahu alayhe wasallam) be upon you and your family.

      • MOHAMMAD SAFDER says:

        hi sir mera naam mohammad safder main yahan dubai main hoon or 8 month se job talash ker raha hoon main na yeh dua pari hai is month main 2 interview hovey hain ab tak koi jawab nahi aaya one week ho gaya hai main yahan risk ki waja se bohat pershann hoon please mere liye bohat dua kerain please i will wait for your response ho sakta hai mera risk aap ki dua ka muntazir ho please

  7. MARIAM says:

    Im having my exam please pray for me that i get admission in good university inshallah and pass exam with good marks ameen and always remember me in dua

  8. NASIR says:

    salam brother
    can u explain when to recite this 99 times…daily or on the day of interview.plz an early reply will be very kind.thanx

  9. MAIMUNA DIN says:

    I am currently working as a co-op student and got this interview for a permanent job on Thursday, July 30. I really want this job and praying to allah with all my heart. I have been saying the dua you put above and it’s giving me strength to face the i nterview. Please pray for me. I really want this job for my family, specially for my parents. I know they will be the happiest parents in the whole world if I get this job. I have a good “Neyat” and it is for my parents. Please pray for me, so that I can do something for my parents.

    Thank you very much!

  10. YOUNUS says:

    I went for USA visa interview 3times but i didnt get success. I’m going again for interview within few days. Please pray for me and inshallah I’ll read this dua from today. It is a humble request to all of you to do dua for me. I’ll be most thankfull to all of you.
    Thank you

  11. SHZ says:

    I have an important interview tomoro.. I will say the dua as mentioned by u. I hope evrythin goes well inshaallah. Im a little nervous.. I reallly hope evthn goes well.

  12. YOUNUS says:





  13. AHMED says:

    Assalam alaik,i found everything very interesting may Allah continue to shawer is blessing on u amin.there are two thing disturbing me one i’m a 500 level student in the university i need your prayers to graduate with good grade and secondly i want to marry.i need your prayer and also prayer that i will be busy with.may Allah be with you bi jahi sayyidil ujud.ma’assalam

    • SHARAAZ KHAN says:

      May Allah grant you success in your dunya and in the aakhira by the rank of His Habeeb (sallalllahu alayhe wasallam). In any difficulty or incertainly read “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyumu Bi Rahmatika Astagheeth.” After the exam it will also be good to read “Rabbi Inni Maghlubun Fantasir” upto 111 times daily until you hear about the success, that is if you have put in all you could in terns of effort.

  14. AMREEN says:

    Salaam Brother,

    I have been searching for my job for the past 4years. Yet there has been no luck with it. I am desperate to get a job but all my attempts have been failed although i am well qualified. In most of the cases my resume does not even get processed further. I am feeling pathetic. I want to get a job for me & also my family. Please pray for me brother also tell me if i have to do any other dua to get a job soon without any delays & hurdles in between. I hope allah helps me soon & everything goes well soon. Thank you.

  15. ZOYAH says:

    Marshallah thank you, as i am a youth myself, it’s websites like this that give me strength and confidence in my religion. Thank You.

  16. FARHAN says:

    salam o aliakum . can any one tell me dua for exams i have 15 daays left for exam and any short dua n powerfull. i hve exam in ist week of september plz dua for me as it iz very hard exam jazak Allah khair

  17. I says:

    I have to get a certain score on the SAT to enter the college I want to go to. I really need this!
    PLease help me.
    Please pray for me.

    What should I recite to try to get that score?

    thank you. beautiful website!

    • SHARAAZ KHAN says:

      Read the dua above the day of the exam. Until the day of the exam, recite “YA Hayyu Ya Qayyum Bi Rahmatika Astagheeth” at least 111 times daily with Durood Shareef (Salaat alan Nabi sallallahu alayhe wasallam) 11 times before and after. May Allah grant you success and please do work hard for your exams.

  18. SARA says:

    salam alaykum please do duaa for me as i have got exams coming up

  19. SARA says:

    salam alaykum i hav exams cuming up can you please give me a short powerful dua that will help me please do dua for me

  20. A MUSLIMAH says:

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh !

    I have an interview for university entrance tomorrow and InshaAllah I shall recite this dua 99 times before my interview.
    I ask of you,my dearest brothers and sisters in Islam,please pray for me,so I get selected for uni. I really really need this to work for me.
    And inshaAllah I will pray for all of you.

    Jazakum Allahu Khairan !

    Wassalam .

  21. SAIRA says:


    I am have been trying to get a job transfer to another country for the past 6 months, but with little success. Can you please prescribe a dua for me, so remove any obstacles and for this to happen quickly.


  22. ALI KHALILI says:

    I am impressed with this dua. I hope allah will shower his blessing on you for your noble deed. I just want to to get good markrs in exam upto how many days i have to read this dua and when. thank u.

  23. SISTER RR says:

    Salaam Brother haraaz

    I would like to get intouch with you regarding a personal matter please advice of the best way.

    Jazzak Allah

  24. SISTER RR says:

    Dear brother Shaaraz

    Please do reply soon as I’d like to make dua for my need in this blessed of ramazan.. I pray that you are in the best of health & that ramzan is going well. I came across your weblog while searching for a dua for success in interviews for my brother & alhumdillah with the dua you advice to read he got offered the job alhumdillah with this I have faith that you will be able to advice me too Inshallah.. anxiously awaiting to hear from you. I’d like to discuss the matter which is personal. Please to email me you email address brother so I can discuss it with you. Jazakallah

  25. SAIRA says:


    Still waiting a reply to my question above, will be much appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

  26. SAIRA says:

    Thanks alot for this, I really appreciate your help, May Allah SWT grant you success and happiness InshAllah.

    I do have one other personal question to ask of you, but would rather not email this to your site, can you please forward me your email address it will be greatly appreciated.

  27. SHAHEEN AHMED says:

    salam o aliakum
    Pls pray for my son, he has to take SAT exam, Pls pray that he gets 2400 score, so he can get in the good university, also,overall that he get good grades in school. Jazzak Allah

  28. SAMEERA says:

    good may allaha please with you

  29. ABD-ALLAH says:

    I read thru the dua and issues of brothers/sisters on this site. Thanks to brother Sharaaz for praying and offering guidance to make dua.

    I pray to Allah that all those who asked to make dua, may Allah answer their prayers and make their faith in Allah Stronger.

    Pray for me too that I get a job soon. Just got laid off recently. MashaAllah, I am qualified/ certified/ experienced and expert at what I do. I did get a very nice job recently, but, out of the blue, the project got delayed and I had to leave. Somehow something is not clicking. I pray something works out soon and I come back to this site and write that I have indeed been blessed by a job by the grace of Allah. Pray that that day comes soon.

    Sincere Regards, AllahHafiz.

  30. KALYANI says:

    Assalam alaik i am a reverte.Have embraced Islam on August 23 2008. I have blocked my Gmat date on Nov 5 2009.Please pray that i may get good score above 750 and also for a seat in ISB.

  31. HASINA says:

    today i have got a very important interview i have worked in this company since may this year and now i have appied for a supervisor role as my manager has told me i hvae got a very good chance to get them job. but the interview is very hard as the other people who have also applied for the role have worked longer in the company and abit more management experience. but i have passed stage 1 and today is stage 2 of interview at 3pm. iam very nervous and scared as i want this alot to make my family proud and also build a strong stable future for myself. i am going to read surat yasin now and then read ”O lord of the worlds, verily I ask you for good on this day and your help and your light and your blessing.” and then just before go into interview read ”Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum, Birahmatika Astagheeth” is this right???? also could you pleaseee do dua for me that i be successfull and give me confidence and determination!

  32. SOFIYYA says:

    Assalmu allakum…can u plz give me sum duaz which i can read 4 my husband…he iz in prison…n is awaiting hiz court hearing..i am very desparate 4 some dua’z…plz broda if you can send me through email…jazakAllah…x

  33. AIZA says:

    Can you tell me the meaning of “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Bi Rahmatika Astagheeth”?

  34. AJWA SHAH says:

    dear brother, can u plz tel me dua’s for maths teaching course interview, also at the moment i am studyn bsc maths and i cant concertrate can u plz tell me dua for that. Also my husband wants to start a business can u plz tell us dua for that.

    thank u

  35. RUHI says:


    I have an very imp interview on sunday and that too my first interview. i really want to support my husband by getting this job.
    but my situation is worse now. I’m not in a state to perform salaat. so any other advise to come out successfully from the interview..

    Plz pray for me my brother, i’m badly in need of this job. we r going through very hard days.
    plz pray for me

  36. RASHID says:

    Thank you so much for posting the dua. I felt more and more relaxed everytime I recited the dua. And when taking the interview I was really focused and confident. I am praying now that I get the position inshallah! Thank you again

  37. AISHA says:

    I have a job interview which is veryy very important to me in less then an hour, everyone please please PLEASE make dua for me! this will affect my whole entire life and i really want this job!

  38. ZEENAT says:

    Is the Dua “Rabbi inni maghluban fantasir”
    from surah Qamar. becuase if it is then it is incorrect. In the Quran it is “Rabbahu anni maghlubun fantasir”
    Or are they two separate verses.
    Can you please let me know. Thank you

  39. AKSA says:

    I have my university entrance exam tomorrow for medicine. I’m extremely nervous. Could you please do dua for me. I’ll read the duas that are on the other posts:
    “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum, Birahmatika Astagheeth” and the one right at the top of the page. are there any others which are also effective to read for nervousness, preparation and sucess?

    Love and Salaam.

  40. SHAISTA says:

    pls pray for me, i know how to drive and have driven for over 25 years but now am living in another country and i desperately need to pass my driving exam in another language, it will make economic ease for my children, i have failed written test 3 times oh oh oh

  41. IZHARULHAQ says:

    salam thank u for dua ….. dear i want to become a doctor r pilot if u have any more duas plz send me jazakallah

  42. MISHA MALIK says:

    im doing my gcse english exam tomorrow please pray i do well
    this will mean a lot to me

  43. SAZIA says:

    Hi how are you, i just found this website today. i really like this dua.. My husband went to an interview we didnt get an reply yet. He is been trying for a good job for a long time please pray for us, so that we can settle down.
    thank you.

  44. SAZIA says:

    Hi how are you, i just found this website today. i really like this dua.. My husband went to an interview we didnt get an reply yet. He is been trying for a good job for a long time please pray for us, so that we can settle down.
    thank you. May allaha bless you.

  45. SHAMRA says:

    I was wondering..if one, starts praying surah ul-fath for 40 days and one get’s a job before 40 days is complete, is it ok to stop praying this dua?

  46. SAZIA says:

    thank you very much for your reply…Hope something good happens soon…please do dua for us…thank you very much.

  47. SHAZ FIRDAUS says:

    بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمـَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

    Assalam O alaikum..

    Dear all..i need prayers in abundance..i have been going through a very rough phase in my married life. My husband is not with me..I want our problems to end so that we can lead a healthy, peaceful life & walk on the righteous path. Right now my husband is being influenced by evil thoughts & bad people.

    He has also started a new business & i constantly pray he achieves great success in all his endeavours.

    Please pray for my mother & father as they are worried about my life ahead. Please pray for me & my husband.

    And Allah ta’ala knows best !!
    Jazakallahu Khairan

  48. RIHJA says:


    I read your dua that has been sucessfully a great dua for all muslims and inshallah will continue to go on further. My father has an interview tomorrow for a job and our family is really desperate for him to find one. Please pray that he gets accepted fast and is able to stay at peace without stress. Although I have a question that if I can read “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum, Birahmatika Astagheeth” for my father would it be good for him or is my fahter suppose to read it? I know that my father will have to read “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum, Birahmatika Astagheeth” on the day before his interview but is it possible that I read for his success as well? Insha’Allah Allah will lead us to the right path. Thank you very much for reading this message and I wait for ur reply.

  49. FAHAD says:

    today is my exam so please pray for me please,,,,,,

  50. AYSHA FATMAH says:

    I feel very sad as I had gone thru quite rough pages of life……Need dua for success to get a successful personal and professional life and also for my mother and father that thrie zindagi has sukuun rehmat amd achi sehat….jazakallah….

  51. SARA says:

    salam alaykum can u please tell me a dua that i can read on my mum as she is ill. thankyou

  52. FAKHRA ZAFAR says:

    Aslamoalaikam!! I have exams coming up. Im really very worried :-(Please pray for me that Allah put my mind at ease and bless me with rehmat in exams and life. May Allah accept all our prayers and good deeds. O Allah please forgive us for our sins have mercy on us and guide us to the sirat e mustakeem.ameen sum ameen!


  53. ABDUL says:


    borthers and sisters please make dua, i have a driving test tomarrow inshalla i pass.


  54. FAHIMA says:

    salam aleykum. There are many people who i know that are jealous of me because of my achievement in school. im in the final year of high school, what dua’s can i read to protect myself from the evil eye? also, what dua’s can i read for strenght in memory? thanks
    please pray for me brother and sisters that i’ll do well inshallah


  55. SAIRA BIBI says:

    Salam, I am failing my organic chemistry class, please pray that i pass my final! JazakAllah! Khuda Hafiz!

  56. K ALI says:

    please do dua for me as i am looking for a job and wont to pass my driving test

  57. ADEEL says:

    Is this from Quran? If so please let me know what surah thank you

  58. RIZWANA says:

    dear brother

    i am surrounded by kafir enemies who are making false allegations of bullying on me at work but this actually a racist attack on me becuase they are jealous of my position at work and i am now trying to apply and be successful for a headteacher’s job. please could advisise me duass for instant success and relief from these enemies.

    jazak allah

    • SHARAAZ KHAN says:

      Dear Sr. Rizwana.
      When you enter work, read the following 3 times and step in with your right foot, and when you leave step out with your left while reading the same:

      Bismillahir Rahmaan ir-Raheem wa Sallallahu alaa Muhammad sallallahu alayhe wasallam

      Then do not view your co-workers as “kaafir enemies” no matter how awful they are. Allah has placed you in that situation and He is the One who will remove that too. If you will change something in yourself with respect to them, you will see a change in them. Do not harden yourself. Find a soft spot in your heart for them and express it to them with a good gesture of friendship. Our Beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhe wasallam is the best example for us. Remember his journey to Taif and his forebearance, expecially with those who don’t understand. Then remember that Allah will reward you for your patience.

  59. MOIZ says:

    Asalamalaikum shaaraz bhai,

    Firstly allow me to introduce my self to you . My name is Mohammed Moizuddin from india presenlty in saudi arabia … i recently got married in makkah haram… and iam jobless since past one and half year … know my wife is expecting a child… am very much afraid of the expenses .. i kindly request you to send me some duwas or vazeefah which i can get the job very soon.. send me a duwa or vazeefah for getting a job soon in a good company with a good handsome package.. allah will give you the ajar for this.. i have sended a comment to you but failed to recivec your reply .. i have asked you querie for my problem which was send on dec 13th.. how ever iam eagerly waiting for the reply


  60. SARA says:

    salam alaykum thank you for the dua you told me 2 read for the exams i passed all my exams apart from english so shall i carry on reading the same dua.

  61. DUA KHAN says:

    AoA sharaaz bhai….i am having exams going on please pray for my good grades can u please tell me any duas i appreciated.

    Jazak Allah khair!!!!!!!

  62. AYESHA says:

    As Salam Alakum
    please brothers and sisters pray for me that i will be successful in my board exams

  63. FARAZ says:

    I have been a a hard ship condition, and my parents have been for me as well, anyway I lost my job though I studied worked so hard in the US, I am trying for the 4th time, after spending so much money and effort, please please pray for me and also give me a dua that god listens to me and gives me a sign.. Thanks Jazakalla


    Hope this letter finds you in glory of shine,regard and Alhamdulillaah fine Jazakallaah. What dua has to be read to get Success in the examinations and for any future prospects endeavours. The exam is on next sunday,plz pray for me and send the dua. I will be ernestly waiting.

    Allaah Hafiz.

  65. SARA says:

    thankyou for all the help you have provided

  66. FARAZ says:

    Dear brother Sharaz

    Thanks for your reply. Can you kindly tell us what this is in arabic so we can pronounce it better?

    Rabbi Yassir Wa Laa Tu-assir Wa Tammim Bil Khay
    Rabba Inee maghloubin fantasir

    Or can you direct us to any website where it will be written in arabic so we can read it better. Please do pray for my job, thanks Jazakulla


    • SHARAAZ KHAN says:

      I can understand your difficulty. Unfortunately I don’t have Arabic or a font to post this. The (ss) in Yassir and Tu-assir are “seens”. The “a” in Tu-assir is “ayn”. The last two word is Bil-Khayr and not “Bil Khay”.
      It is “maghloubun” and not “maghloubin” and the “gh” is a “ghayn”. The “t” on fantasir is a “taa” and the “s” is a “saad”.

  67. SHAFIYA says:


    im shafiya sultana from visakhapatnam, i am studying b.pharmacy 3 rd year… my problem is till now i hav not pass in any of my exams… 1st year exams i wrote but result is failed next 2nd year exams i wrote again result is failed now i hav suplliment exams for both the years… now recently i hav written 3rd years exams i did not get result yet plz pray that i should pass this year or else they will detain me from college… n plz give me some dua for success in exams…. n plz pray for me…. [ameen]
    i’ll be waiting for the reply…. n gud news of my result..

  68. FAHAD says:


    I am searching for a job but no one is replying and please let me know some duas to enhance my skills and make me confident.

    May Allah listen to all your prayers (ameen)

    Allah hafiz

  69. MEHAR says:

    asalamualakum ..thnx alot fr dis dua…jazakallah..
    actually i wanted to ask something…can i pray fr my non muslim frend. because its difficult for him to recite dis dua.can i recite the above mentioned dua plzzz do reply sooo. we r in great help frm allahtalla….

  70. SHAMRA says:

    I prayed surah waqiya as mentioned in this site and before interview prayed all the necessary daus too. The person who interviewed told me i will hear from them in a week and now its over a month since i attended the interview. I pray “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Bi Rahmatika Astagheeth” hoping to here good news soon but I haven’t. Should I continue or stop? Im jobless for a very long time now. What else can I pray?

  71. DUA says:

    Asalaam-o-alykam SHARAZ Bhai..
    Can you please tell me something for my brother, my brother doesnt listen to anyone, and keeping troubling his family, please app b us k liyeh dua kare Alllah Talah us ko hadith day, Allah Talah guide him on right path, aur apne parent ka farmadar bane Ameen..Aur Allah Talah mere parent ki parshiniya door kare Ameen..Dua’o mein yaad rekhega. Shukriya AH

  72. INAM says:

    I have a-level exams coming up in 3 weeks, I am being very lazy, dont know why can you please give me some advice.
    Also I am waiting to hear from my university choices for a interview, I have been waiting a long time and I am getting a bit worried.
    Can you please remember me and the other Muslims in the world who are in a similar situation and guide me.
    JazakAllah Khair

  73. FRIEND5 says:

    sorry friends but the translation is worng of the surah. its not O LARD OF THE ( WORLDS) WORLDS word is wrong here. over here ya rabaa alameen means O LORD OF THE KNOWLEDGE.. because ALLAH knows everything about everything in this world. and there is only 1 world not 2 worlds. MAY ALLAH FORGIVE IF I AM WORNG

  74. SARA says:

    salam alaykum can u please give me a dua that will help with my memory as a tend to forget things very quickly. Thankyou.

  75. MUSLIMA says:

    Assalamou alaykoum

    Please make dua for me to get a job, ANY job with good money, i have been out of work for quite sometime.

    Jazzakallahu kairan

  76. YAQOOT SHAKEEL says:

    kan i get ur personal email address…i will really appreciate ur cooperation

  77. SANAM ASGHAR says:

    salam i have an interview 2mrw inshallah i will recite da duas u hav told on this website inshallah and will let u knw my outcome plz pray 4 me brothers and sisters.

  78. MUHAMMAD ALI says:

    Allahuma Tuf bi fee Ta isireen kuli asireen, fa inna ta iseera kulli asireen alayka yaseer.

    This dua along with Darood shareef many times can be a blessing. Did it while my wife was in labor and everything went smooth, as well as her sisters also had it recited. This dua I think can be applied here as well.

    Its meaning is like Oh allah, you can make this difficult task easy. Whoever knows arabic can translate it better.

    This dua is one of those secret ones based off of peoples experience. Been passed on to me from my brother in law who is a mufti. Hope it works out for you all.

  79. MALIK says:

    aslk bhai m malik neimat ullah khan m hunting job in dubai but still m in tension bhai please say me some duas or pray for me as m not able to find any job here and am totally tensed so please bhai mera liya dua kariya

  80. ITRAT LATIF (ASHI) says:

    Salaam brother Sharaz Khan

    I loos my job two years before then i start my small commission base business.I worked very hard when business was set that owner kick me out and they did not pay me my one year money .

    I have no voice i can’t fight for my rights i have three kids divorce and a lots of bills .Now i am trying to gave my basement on rent so please help me to find good peoples at least i can feed my kids i am so worried.
    Please pray for me and my kids or give me some advise .

    Thank you and God bless you

  81. RISHAAN says:

    Asalaama-alaykum. I just want to say you are doing an amazing thing by helping these people. I really appreciate what your doing for our brothers and inshallah allah will aid them.

    I have 5 important exams starting from tomorrow and i really want to do well as my future depends on this. Please include me in your dua’a.



  82. TASMIYA says:

    please forgive me allah if i say anything wrong.i am in a very difficult situation at the present time, i’ve been suspended from my job i have a hearing on the 29th off jan. i’ve been suspended due to alligation off dishonesty. i work for a bank as a branch manager. the true reality in this is jealousy and a little minor mistake has been put down as gross misconduct. my future is at a position that if i am dismissed all my hard efforts in life will be destroyed as since the age off 17 upuntill today i have only worked for 1 firm. where i am today allah has given me his blessings to be and i appreciate it.. but please i need duwah to come over this and with honour get my job back please would u be kind to pray for me and yell me a duwah i can recite. i will be waiting

    allah hafiz

  83. NIG says:

    Asalama alikum

    just like to say u are doing a good deed help the muslims, may allah keep you happy and safe.

    brother i have an exam tomorrow and next week plz do dua for me, i will read the dua

    thank u

    • SHARAAZ KHAN says:

      May Allah grant you all success in your endeavors, relief from your Dhahir and Baatin tests and trails, and for an opening in your particular situation by the rank of the Beloved of Allah – Most High, sallallahu alayhe wasallam, by the waseelah of all of your good deeds, and by the barakah of our elders in the deen.

  84. NAYAAB says:

    salam bhai shiraz
    i am taking a test on this coming tuesday and my future depends on it.. i dont know much about the subject.. i am very scared and nervous… please tel lme what to do.. i will be awaiting your reply…
    please email me at nayaabkhan@rocketmail.com


    • SHARAAZ KHAN says:

      Recite “Yaa Sahib ul-Jamaal” abundantly to remove the anxiety. Have faith in Allah and in your abilities. May Allah grant you all success in your endeavors, relief from your Dhahir and Baatin tests and trails, and for an opening in your particular situation by the rank of the Beloved of Allah – Most High, sallallahu alayhe wasallam, by the waseelah of all of your good deeds, and by the barakah of our elders in the deen.

  85. IMRAN SHAIKH says:


    Can anyone help me to provide DUA for Sucess in work n business !!..

  86. IMRAN SHAIKH says:


    Is there any DUA FOR SUCESSS ? can anyone willl please post the same for me.

  87. NEHA SHAIKH says:

    pls pray for me guyzz i hv my icse exams coming up so please pray for me thankyouu

  88. NEHA SHAIKH says:

    pls pray 4r me friends i have my icse exams i need your prayers rememeber me

    • SHARAAZ KHAN says:

      May Allah grant you all success in your endeavors, relief from your Dhahir and Baatin tests and trails, and for an opening in your particular situation by the rank of the Beloved of Allah – Most High, sallallahu alayhe wasallam, by the waseelah of all of your good deeds, and by the barakah of our elders in the deen.

  89. ZEBA says:

    salaam to all my brothers and sisters. I have got an interview on Wednesday the 27th jan plz can you all pray for me that i get the job. i really need the job because i want to go pakistain to meet my husband i havent seen him nearly for about 3 years plz plz plz can you all pray for me i pass the intreview and get the job. this means a lot to me and insallah allah will help you all aswell khuda hafiz

  90. AA says:


    I have my final 3 Chemistry papers tomorrow. Please pray for me!



  91. SANA KHAN says:

    Salam Brother,

    I am a 20 year old girl in America, trying to go to school I am very motivated to do so, but I’m not smart regardless of the attempts I make and the hard work and hours I put into my school I don’t get satisfying grades, can you please tell me a Dua or prayer to read to help me and also I have a exam I need to do well on, the Prayer on top of the page how many times is that suppose to be read? Please and thank you.

  92. AHLAM says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I have interviewed on October and would like to be accepted to a medical school that is close to home. What can I recite to achieve acceptance to the medical school? Please make dua for me.

  93. EIMAN says:

    Asalaamualaikum, i have a test on Quranic studies in 3 weeks, and have so much to do. please could you give me a suitable dua which it will make the exam easier for me and get higher grades. Jazakallah.

  94. SO says:

    Assalamualaikum All,

    I wanted to share with you guys that as I was preparing for my 3rd round interview last night, I came across this site. I recited the dua above 99 times after fajr prayer. I had the interview today at 10 am, i felt it went quite well and after couple of hours the recruiter called me with a job offer. Alhamdulillah. It makes me so happy. I pray and hope that all you faithful people NEVER lose hope&faith and give up trying, InshaAllah HE will make you happy and give you things that you need. Allah Hafez.


  95. MOIZ says:




  96. MEHJABEEN says:

    sharaaz bhai
    My husband is working in saudi arabia from the past 15 years but yet there are no signs of improvement in our lyf.
    V dont even own a house till now so pls can u provide me with some dua so that i get a house of my own as soon as possible.
    my husband is also in big problem he is not getting his transfer his sponsorship letter is not issued yet.
    i have a daughter who is presently studying in her 12 and her exams are quite close so pls can u provide me wid some dua so that she does well in her exams and gets admission in a good college.She is trying for NIT which is very tough to get in and she will be attending her exams soon in april so pls provide her with some dua so that she does well in her exams n so that she can get into this institute.
    remember me in ur prayers
    allah hafiz

  97. SHAISTA says:

    ASAK, my interview is on 22nd of this feb , is there any dua to read everyday til 22nd. And abt d 99 times dua v hv to recite it total 198 times 1st is after fajr salat nd 1 b4 interview, am i right??
    plz u also pray for me tht i ll get this job.

  98. SABRINA says:

    hi, i got gcse exams next weeek and i really need to passs it because its soo important to me so pleeease and pleease pray for me
    i also wanted you to pray for my mother because she is really ill

    thank you

  99. SHADAB says:

    i am shadab my exam will start from a week please pray for me

  100. TANIYA says:

    salaam all…i was hoping if you could all do dua for me. i am 19 years age due to visa rule changing i cannot sponser my husband in th uk cause i have to be 21. he is still in pakistan and i am in uk its been 9months for our wedding and we stillhave not meet each other,,,for some reason my parents do not want me to go pakistan they say i have to work to get visa done.but my in laws are not concerend about the visa and they wud be happy for me to go bak to pakistan to spend my time there.i need a way to make my parents understand cause wenever my husband ask my dad my dad ends uparguing with him. please sharaz bhai could you tell me what dua to read so i can go bak to pakistan without upsetting my parents please pray for me that i can meet my husband. life is really though at home for me 🙁

  101. YASEEN says:

    Thanks Brother Sharaaz for sharing the knowledge with us.

    I want to know the meaning of Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Bi Rahmatika Astagheeth.

    thank you.

  102. YASEEN says:

    I want the translation of ya hayyu ya qayyaum bi rahmatika astagheeth

  103. SHABANA says:

    Asak Sharaaz bhai,
    I had an interview for university admission. Can you please let me know what dua I should recite for successful admission(In sha Allah).
    Also, my husband’s boss is not happy with him. Please let me know what dua I should recite for him.

    Allah Hafiz

  104. MRS AHMED says:

    salam,my husband has left me and gone back to pakistan ,he is angry with me over somthing he did and i told him to tell his parents ,he said he did and doesnt want nothing to do with me,this is my 3rd marriage and i dont want to lose my third husband please can you tell me somthing to read,also my sons cant find a job ,and one of my sons keep failing his driving test,i dont seem to have any luck in marriage money or anything ,no familly speaks to me ,please help me

  105. MRS AHMED says:

    i need yoyr dua for my sons to get a job and to pass his driving test

  106. AYESHA says:


    i have my exams starting from march 3 and iam also attending alot of comepetitive exams like CET, COMEDK, AIEEE.Give me some dua so that i can get a seat in a good college(the college in which i desire to get into.)

  107. TINA says:

    ive only started wearing my hijab from this summer, and i’m only 16 years old. im having doubts about taking the hijab off because i feel that i’m still young, and i want to wear it again when im married. i do pray, make dua’s and read the holy quran, and my parents have advised me not to take the hijab off because it’s a great sin. but i look at other muslim girls and they are not wearing the hijab but they are still religious. so is it haram to take it off? whats the punishments for it? and would allah forgive me if i took it off.


    • SHARAAZ KHAN says:

      This is a fiqhi question. This is best if asked to you local Imam or local scholar. Taking on the hijab is not an easy thing especially if other Muslims are not doing the same. My duas are with you that Allah give you strength and courage to remain steadfast in your religion. You should read the following at least about 99 times daily for strength:

      Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Bi Rahmatika Astagheeth.

      Also send abundant blessings (salaat anad salaam) on the Beloved Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wasallam).

  108. Assalam Alyikum, brother i have been struggling for many years now. I have applied for jobs to many places but almost never get any reply, all though my status is showing “Shortlisted” in one company’s website which i applied more than 6 months ago & attended 3 interviews for a different position with the same company which i thought i passed but then because of the global crises companies stopped hiring. Now this company had a new position available 6 months back which i have applied yet have not received any interview call. Brother my problems just keep growing on me because of my situation i have not married. I’m so frustrated with life i cant keep up with my prayers & there is a lot more to be said.

    Pl z read thoroughly and reply

  109. NILOFER says:

    I have been applying to the USA hospitals for post graduation since last 3 years. I had 4 interviews this year and all of them went well Alhamdulillah. The result of my interviews will be out on March 15th, 2010. Is there any dua that one may recite in the state of menstruation? Please pray for me so that I get admission this year. Thanks..

  110. DIANA says:

    Assalamu alaikum, brother.

    i have problem with my marriage. two months ago my husband tallak me over the phone after 9 months only we married. but we are not officially divorce because until now he dont even want to send me a divorcy letter, too much excuses for that. busy, busy and busy with his works.

    now and then we are separated between 2 countries. before i wanted him back because i love him and i want him to be good muslim since he was an atheis (dont believe in God) before we got married.

    but now i am not so sure about it as i found out that we are actually always in different directions, opinions etc.

    i’m confused right now as to what i want in term of my marriage.

    and also i want to change my job to a day shift job coz the one that i have is night shift and very less for me to shalat.

    please suggest me what holy words that i can recite daily for my marriage problems and for me to get a new job that i really like.

    thank you.

  111. NAILA says:

    i have my 12class exam start on april plzzzzzzzz pray for me that i passs my exam plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz all the muslim pray for me
    and tell me wht i want to read to desiring sucess
    i want to top my result
    because i want to happy my parents
    which wazefa i should read plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me
    alll pray me my exam start on may be 28 april 2010
    and go on till june
    pray for mee pray for mee

  112. NAILA says:

    tell me more about how i get success in my study and in my llife

    • SHARAAZ KHAN says:

      Make you prayers (salaat/namaaz) on time, do not disobey Allah and love Allah and His Messenger (sallallahu alayhe wasallam), respect your elders, love your fellow human beings for the sake of Allah Most High and His Blessed Nabi (sallallahu alayhe wasallam), show compassion to the poor, and rest your affair with Allah. And you will definitely see success.

  113. NAJIBA says:

    salam alkum please pray i pass my english test this friday

  114. MUSHTAQ says:

    Assalamo Aleakum, Please make dua for me to get job. I am jobless from last 5 months and trying very hard to get job, but not getting any position result. My entire family is depend on my job only. Alhamdollilah i pray salat on regular basis. I lost job in almost every 2 years.

    Please help me and reply as soon as possible. JazakAllah Khair


  115. ABDUR RAHMAN says:

    everyone please pray for my good results and ask for His mercy. may Allah bring peace to this world and grant us a good life in this world and hereafter.Ameen!

  116. MARIA says:


    i have my examz frm 1st n i want to know whoat dua should i recite 2 get sucess pllzz ans 2 ma question soon…
    n plllllzzz do remember me in ur prayers!!!

  117. ALMAS SHAIKH says:

    assalam valikum,,plss muslim brothrs nd sisters pray tht i pass my eight standrd nd go to 9 pls pls pls pls pls pls juss pray for me untill 6th april cuz 6 april is my results………….plssssss its a request….

  118. SAEED AHMED says:

    Assalam o Alaikum:

    Dear Muslim brothers and sisters please pray for me.I have given an interview.Please pray for me that i get that job.I need that job seriously.I have got a little bad luck on the day of interview.I tried my level best to revise all my courses but i could not revise one of my subject and as ill luck would have it most questions came from that subject or topic.Please pray for me.Thanks. JAZAKALLAH.

  119. NAILA says:

    salams Brother,
    I have been for so many interviews – and always recite many duas and zikr before and after the interview. Is there any think else i can read or wear so that inshallah i get the desired job. And also which dua can i read for “success”

    I am working at the moment but i just dislike it so much and have decided to leave inshallah at the end of April/May. Should i do Istikara to make sure i have made the correct decision for myself.

    Your advise is much appreciated.



  120. MARYAM says:

    Assalam Alaykum

    Thank You for such a wonderful website.. Can you please tell me what to read as I have my final exams of my degree on the 6th and 12th May.. and also I need a training contract which is VERY hard for me to get.. It is VERY IMPORTANT that I get the training contract can you please give me something to read for that aswell and also please make dua for me.. I would really appreciate it!!


  121. AYESHA ASLAM says:

    Aslam 0 Alikum plz mare lie dua zaroor kerna mare exam shoroo hone wale he please send me any dua jo mujhe kamyaab ker de inshallha

  122. MADIHA says:

    salam sir i need wazifa for grtting job and plz pray for me


    I hv an exam by May 1, dis exam looks difficult but i know there is nothing Allah cannot do. Plzzzzz brothers pray for me i don’t want by parent’s money to waste.

  124. SHARMINA HAMID says:


  125. SHARMINA HAMID says:

    aslamuliykum i have driving test 2mw pls pls pls pls pls pray 4me very important 4me and 4 my famy husband dont drive. inshallah i pass.

  126. YASEERAH says:

    Assalam.. Am yaseerah from mauritius! Plz i have a very important exams to do starting from october to the end of november plz plz plz its my second year doing this exam, i’ve failed last year , am doing duahs, am praying, but i need more from my sisters and brothers! plzzz plzzzz plzzzz pray for me, and plzzz tell me what duahs to recite plzz i need help.. i always failed my exams! this year am doing my best, plz help me!

  127. HADON says:

    inshallah allah will grant everyone success

  128. MARIYA says:

    My name is Mariya, im married for more than a year now. My marriage is off my choice and Mashah Allah im very happy with my husband, when we got married my husband was studying and we had to go through alot of financial burden. During that time my husband took alot of loans to finish his education. He graduate only 2 months ago but now we are paying off the loans we took during his studies.
    He has been looking for a job since the last one year but he has been very unsuccessful, can you please give me a dua which will bring success to him and help him find the best job for him.I would be really grateful, thanking you

  129. DUA says:

    AOA brother, I am really worried for my paper. I have done a writing paper assignment, and realized i didnt do Good on that paper and really worried about it plz pray for me and if there is any dua for me plz let me know for sure. Jazak Allah Khair

  130. UZ says:

    hi, looking at the above comments in regards to having a job interview and therefore reading a dua before the interview 99 times with wuda and ghusal…. say if the females on the day of the interview and night before the interview are on their period…can we still read that dua or not. i have a interview coming up and i have been having so much bad luck with interviews… and im just praying i get this job!

  131. HAFITHA says:

    asalamu alakium
    i am hafitah
    i want dua for some one else success
    pls send me

  132. ABBAS says:

    brothers and sister pray for my big brother who needs help on his exams in a few weeks he has prayed for all of u he needs help! thankyou!!!

  133. ALIYAAA says:

    salam this is a good website may ALLAH sucess you in all ways. i have a problem i need hellp, i have two little kids who not seen their dad for nearly 4weeks, i can not bare my tears when they ask for their dad.his other wife has control him so much that i cannot fight for my rights.please sent me a dua’s for my husband to come back as i am struggling so much that we do not have any foods and struggling finicial.i have no one in this country and i need help, and a dua’s fast one, becuase i can not do for 4odays as i have two little and alot of time is used to look after them as i have no one.i pray ALLAH give you all the strength and help and sucess in life.ameen

  134. MUHAMMED YOUSEF says:

    Assalamu alaikum, I have an interview tomorrow, kindly pray for me, it is verynecessory toget this job for me.

    Assalamu alaikum

  135. SHAZIA ZEB says:


  136. AZHAR says:


    One of my frnd a Gal was beong harassed by a guy n her father got to know about it and registered police complaint on that guy now his father doesnt want her to study in our college and want to shift her to anpther college so that he want not harm her in future.But tht guy wont come near her due to police warning as it will spoil his life.Her father dosnt want to change her college but we all friends including her dont want her to change the college as we all friends are very close to each other and dont want to lose our frienship..Plz pray for her and pray so that her dad chenges the decision to change tht collhege n che remain in our college

    And provide dua if anny to pray to allah about the same……

    Thnk you in Advance…….

  137. TANZEEM says:

    salawalkum, my moms is taking her pharmacist exam please everyone pray for that she passes! she has been studying so hard everyday from morning to night and she works every week may allah make her succesful

  138. YUSHAA says:

    Respected Brother,
    Assalam Alaikum. I have an exam tomorrow,please pray for me so that it goes well.
    Will be thankful.

  139. ISLAM LOVER says:

    hi i have i a big exam i need 2 pass inshallah so i could pass my class and graduate high school
    a prayer will b nice

  140. AHMED says:

    please muslim brothers help me in prayers as my professional exams is around the corner

  141. AHMED says:

    and please if there is any dua help me with it….Allahu Akbar

  142. KISMAT says:


    v r very much interested in performing umrah but v have no financial assistance so pls can you give us some dua so that v can perform umraah fast.(khaas umrah ke liye dua)

    • J B says:

      asklm brother

      1)my husband lost his job for every 1year his job will go off what should i do to keep his job permanent please advice me what should i recite.

      2)second thing we don’t have house 2 live in we r in need of our own house so what should we do for owning a house please brother tell me what should we recite for this.

  143. AYESHA says:


    i have successfully finished my exams and iam trying for admission in a particular college called as RV engineering college iam very much interested in getting into this college so pls can u tell me some dua which i can do so that i can get into this engineering college.


  144. SHIBLY says:

    Assalamu’ Alaikum brothers and sisters. I have 2 AS exams on next monday. Will you please pray for me. I really want to pass this as my parents wish lies on this. Thank you very much. I will read the dua you have posted on monday. Insha’ allah.

  145. M.A says:



    Its been a dream of mine to be a pilot for some time now. But im nowhere near being financially able to pay for the fees. Although its much easier to become an airline pilot in no time “now” than it has ever been possible. The country where i live, have these Shari’a-compliant draws where the winner gets cash in local currency. Now my question is there any dua, taveez or any zikar so i could win? And is there any zikar for my sister whom is jobless to find suitable employment.

    Thanks and regards,

    M. A

    PLS it would be highly apprieciated if you could directly email me without posting my letter!

    • SHARAAZ KHAN says:

      Just make dua to for what is best for you. Insha-Allah Allah will guide you. Seek His guidance through istikhara as shown in the method posted in the comments.

    • SANNA says:

      May allah forgive me if im wrong, but i feel like winning would be like a bet. Betting is haraam unless its from both ways eg you buy the ticket and you get something back. Always make dua to allah and stay patience. Patience is a virtue. I know its hard to wait but allah is listening. And the money you may win my be haram money, youd dont want to be happy spending haram money. Also we should be thankful for what we have, and if allah does not grant your dua in this world, he may grant it in the hereafter. Allah is always there. Dont do any sin to hastiness. Also we should all do zikr to allah and dua to Allah all the time not only when we need him.

  146. ANAM says:

    plz bro muge ya bta dain k ya dua parne se phale WAZO ka hona zarori ha?

    27 may ka mera 1st paper ha i.com(part 1) ka plz pry for me……. mere liya kamyab hona bht zarori ha…….i really need GOD blessings…….plz pry….

  147. MRS HASSAN says:

    assalamu alaikum sharahz brother,my problem is that one of my sister in law is divorced(husband’s sister).it has been more than a year but we are not getting any decent proposal for her.can you plz tell me a dua that can help us find a rishta quickly.

    Also my husband has applied for uk student visa.it has been more than 2 months and it is still processll teing can u me a dua that i can read for my husband getting a visa.

    May allah reward you for your good work.ameen

  148. FAZ says:

    assalamu alaikum
    i am an engg graduate.already to years over after my graduation,i didnt get any job.am applyn applyyn no gain yet.since last two months i plannd to go abroad for job hunt,but due to some or other reason am facing difficulty in gettn visa in two countries.all tthe doors where am knowking is not opening,hope allah is doing this for my betterbeing.and 2 days back i had talked and given my resume in an airport abroad,to the person who is working there.he liked my resume and he told me that he ll talk to his senior arab about my job.he told me that there is a chance to get a job in airport and asked me to pray for it.
    please,brother,tell me some duas to overcome this situation and get me that job.please
    and please pray for me to get that job.am really facing

  149. SONIA says:

    Aslamualaikum.. i have had my second exam and i have my third soon i am in my final year at uni studying Law.. iam very stressd out and have been through alot the whole year… is there any special dua that i can read to help me pass all my exams… it really is going to take a miracle to pass my first exam. please could some one help me.. please pray for me 🙁

    • SANNA says:

      Salaam, i know its hard but lots of people go through hard things in life. Exams can be one of them. But there some duas on this website or any dua related to studying before exam. Reas durood shareef and youll be fine inshallah, its not the dua, its the great almighty who may accept the dua. Make sua to allh from your heart, he undertsnads you most, we must seek allahs help anytime. Inshallah make a dua from your heart, May allah grant your duas. Never feel hopeless as Allah is always there.

  150. SAFEERA says:

    asalaam alaykum my name is safeera,im 22years old and i am going for a job interview tmrw and i am very nervous as i really need this job to help my family because my dad passed away 4 yearz ago and im the oldest from my brother and sisters,could u please please please do dua for me to get this job. In sha allah i will read the dua 99 times and pray i get it aswel.

  151. FAZY says:

    assalamu alaikum

    i am writing this for my husband.he is working in an it company in a senior post.he is not happy with his work,lot of burden.actually he want to shift some where he ll get a very good salary,especially abroad(in the eastern country).there is a lot of oppurtunitiesin that eastern country matching with his domain,but facing some difficulty in getting there .what i should do to get a vry good job in that eastern country

  152. KHUSHI says:

    salam…i have my a levels exams starting from tomorrow….plz pray…i really need prayers = (

  153. FAISAL says:

    i am going for my computer driving tes soon can you pls show me some duaa

  154. FARAZ says:

    Salams, will be having my visa interview. Please remember me in your prayers. Thanks so much

    Regards and wishes

  155. SAFEERA says:

    I read the dua 99 times and i got the job im so0o happy

  156. SIHAM says:

    Assalamu alaikum,
    My friend has an interview today and Im really nervous and wanting that it goes well.Im really praying the outcome of it is good because its been tough month for him and his family and will be much tougher if he doesnt get the job.Please pray for him and Inshallah Allah grants him success with his interview.Jazakullah

  157. UZ_IN_JAPAN says:

    Assalomu Alaykum,

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, I am an undergraduate student in Japanese university. I have an interview in Japanese after 1,5 hour.
    So, brothers and sisters please pray for me and remember us in your DUA.

    Insha Allah, I will pass,

    Allah hafeez


  158. SHAID says:

    assalamu alaikum brother

    plz can u pray 4 me koz i have got 1 of my 4 exam and this is what my parents wanted me to do thank u very much and insha allah you will be rewarded for helping the muslim ummah on the day of jannah and once plz brother pray 4 me jazak allah

  159. SANA says:

    Hi ,
    I Attended an interview before a week .They are giving me a vage answer that it will take few weeks to decide.This job is very important for me.This determines my visa status otherwise i will have to leave my husband and go back to my country.Is there any special dua so that everything happens in time .Pray for me brothers and sisters

  160. SHABANA says:

    As salam walaikum Sharaaz bhai,

    I have my interview for university admission on Monday.
    I am very nervous. Can you please let me know what Dua I can recite to remove the anxiety and to perform well in my interview.

    Allah Hafiz

    • SHARAAZ KHAN says:

      This is a verse of naat from the Qasidah Burdah Shareef that you can repeat that helps a great deal in removing anxiety:

      Huwal Habeeb ulladhi turja shafaa’atuhuhu
      Li kulli hawlim minal ahwaali muqtahimi

      He is the Beloved whose intercession one hopes for
      From every form of distress that one falls into

  161. ARHUM says:

    As salam walaikum brother

    i have an exam on monday.. i am very stress about it.. if i read this verse will it help me in my exam and when shall i read it?. can you pray for me that i pass with a good mark as i have studied hard for these exam. also pray for my brother who has very big exams like anatomy ect, exams coming in a few days time as well .

    i would like to hear back from you

    Allah Hafiz

  162. KHAN says:

    Dear Brother,

    I have submitted a research paper for publication in an international journal. Its my first PhD paper and is very important for my carrier. I worked hard as much as i can…Now i need prays. I request you to pray for me specially. I will insha Allah recite the duas told above.
    Please pray for me….i need your prayers…..

    Please, remember me in your prayers…….

    best regards


  163. KHAN says:

    Dear Sharaaz saib,

    I specially request you to pray for me and if it is possible please request your Shaikh also to pray for me. I would be very much thank full to you for your kindness.



  164. SUMAIYAAH SANA says:

    Asaalamikum Brothers & Sisters,

    I m mohammed azam saberi.
    My finance is having her exams from tomorrow on wards, please pray for sucess and me too.


  165. KASHISH says:

    I have been facing a bad face in my life since last 1 and 1/2 years.i do offer namaz 5 times a day and pray allah for forgiveness but still nothing is happening right,I am deserving person and have completed my MBA last year but unable to find a job till date.i am loosing my self confidence every passing day.please tell me some wazifa and plz plz do pray for me.
    Allah hafiz

  166. ILMI ABDI says:

    o my dear brothers and sisters i have a year 10 interview coming up it sates if i can get into VCE or not do i need to use this dua for the interview on that day my drea brothers and sisters and let me know please pray for me so i cann get into vce inshallah

  167. MEHREEN YOUSAF says:

    As salam walaikum brother

    i have an exam on monday.. i am very stress about it.. if i read this verse will it help me in my exam and when shall i read it?. can you pray for me that i pass with a good mark as i have studied hard for these exam. also pray for my brother who ismentally disturb.

    i would like to hear back from you

  168. MEHREEN YOUSAF says:

    As salam walaikum brother
    i have an entry tst on 17 & 20th july for medical i am in tension abt it as i will b appear for this tst for first time so plz pray for me that i will succeeded in this exam in first attempt AMEEN SUM AMEEN …..and also tell me the wasifa for sucess n pray for my 12yr annual result i think which will be anounced at the last weak of august i m very tense about my 12yr result & entry tsts so i request all those people that read my comment so plz pray especially for ME & the people other than me those have given the exams & waiting for their good results plz brother pray for me that “i will get admission in nust or PMC in this year on the merit basis”AMEEEN

  169. TAHIRA NASREEN says:


    bhai sh .mery parers ho rahy he.teen paper ho gaey he or do nrehty he.i really want to achieve my aim bt i dnt knw y papers r nt upto my expectations.plz pray for me n for all.plz pray i need special prayers n also mera ajkal perhae me bilkul dil nae lagta

  170. SOME ONE says:

    I am a student and I never like to study.I feel I am never able to concentrate on any thing.Mera man nahi lagta padhne mein.
    I have a difficult exam to pass after some time.It is not that I was always like that.I was a good student but due to some reason I got distracted from my studies.I do not want to fail again.
    Please tell which dua and how should I recite.
    Also tell if there is some dua to remove bad effect of buri nazar.

  171. SHAGUFTA HASSAN says:

    Please pray and do dua for me as I am trying to find a job I have been to 4 interviews but have had no luck and am becomming very depressed please help Please do dua and help in guideance

  172. FARHAN HUSSAIN says:

    as salam o alaikum to all my freinds,
    I am from kanpur, India , I am awaiting my CA results to be declared this month very shortly, the sucess in this exam is very important to me , my career , my family , my mother & sister, father. i just wanna make an humble requrst to all my muslim brothers & sisters to please pray for my success to allah (swt) in my upcoming result , i have put in a lot of hardwork,now its just upto the result , so please pray for my success may allah bless all of us.
    thank u

  173. SALMA says:

    Aslamu alaikum

    I was searching for a dua to read for an interview that i have
    in couple of days. please could you tell me a dua to read/recite and in these couple of days i am not able to read namaz i am sorry i wasnt sure how to put this. Please could you also do dua for me.

    Thank you.

    May Allah give you more knowledge to help others
    and may Allah bless your family


    I will also let you know how i did what ever the result i will accept it because Allah knows whats best.

    Thank you for your time.

  174. ANIQUE UR REHMAN says:

    Please Everyone Read Dua For Me, I Have An Interview Tomorrow And Im Very Nervous, May Allah Help Me And All

  175. MUNIRA MANSUR says:

    my son is selected in medical in UOT

  176. JOY says:

    Please pray for me to pass the qualifying exam so I will be admitted and assigned for first batch at the Office of the Speaker or Congressional Spouses Foundation Inc. or at the Office of any congressman this July. I am a single parent with 4 kids who are all in college. I need an additional income to pay my debts and satisfy my pressing obligations. I pray that their father will realize his wrongdoings and regret abandoning us. I also pray for my kids, especially Mickey. Keep them all away from dangers, illness and bad influences. I pray for those people who had been helping us all these years. I pray for the people who had been helping me find employment and please show me the right connection to have a job. Thank you

  177. MAHI says:

    aswk my sister is going to have DAT tomm plz plz plz dua for her. (any specific dua i can recite for my sister?)

  178. JURHAM KUNAM says:

    Assalamu alaykum! as brother in islam i wanna ask you a Duwa’a on how to protect our self from harm and danger. wassalam!!!

  179. ZARA AHMED says:

    Aslamu alaikum, Sharaaz Bhai.

    My name is Zara and i’m 17. My exam results are coming soon, Can you please make Dua for me because i am going through alot of problems and always unsuccessful in anything, e.g. applying for jobs and no replys are coming back from them or no places for me in uni/college. I have alot of bad luck, and my family is also concerned about me and are very upset. I am also facing alot of family problems aswell! Please Please Can You Pray For Me Or Give Me Some Duas. May Allah Be Happy With You And Your Family Ameen!

  180. TAHSEEN says:

    ASAK Brothers & sisters.

    I really found this website very useful.,
    I was searching dua for success in interviews as my husband has gone for interview. Pls pray for my husband.
    This is his 5th interview but there is no success yet. He is very depressed and has got many responsibilities . Pls do pray for him . May allah taala bless him .


  181. NAZNEEN says:

    Brother Sharaaz Khan. We have applied for housing and they kept our application on hold as the salary status is not enough.

    Suggest any Dua that applicaiotn to get approved. and also for the promotion of my husband’s job.

  182. SARA says:

    salam alykum, I have just my exams and will be getting the results in august is there any dua i could read to make sure i get good results because i am very worried.


  183. SANA says:

    I have my Alevels result on the 12th of august. Please Brother, pray for me. please. I really want good grades. Please.

  184. SANA says:

    I have my exam result, I am very tensed, please tell me which dua to recite. thanks

  185. MAHAM says:

    Hey salam 2 evry1 here!!! i hope this dua works….plz evry1 pray that i get A’s,my result is on this thursday…hope that Allah listens 2 my payers and pays me 4 my hardwok ammen!!!

  186. STRANGER says:


    Shaaraz bhai, u had recently advised my father to recite surat al fatah but he has difficulty in reading it as he does not know how to recite quran but however i have been helping him to read quran every day and he is doing it also.
    He is planning to go out of station so is it okay if there is a gap in between as i will not be able to accompany to him.Is it okay if he starts reciting surat al fatah after a period of 1 week.
    And one more thing is that from when i am helping him to recite this sura i get very scary dreams like as if someone is coming and killing me or hurting me. So pls advise me what should i do.

  187. ABBAS says:

    as salam o alaikum to all,my result is coming on 17 aug.i am very tensed and worried.it is my request to all kindly pray for me for my success

  188. SANA says:

    The dua did work for me and my friend. Thankyou bhai for this dua. thankyou. =)

  189. ZAIRA says:

    Hey Salaams i was hoping that you all pray for me to pass my 2nd Year LLB exams,they were really hard and i cant afford to fail.

  190. AA says:


    Due to failing to meet the grade requirements, I did not get admission into the universities of my choice and now have to apply through clearing come Thursday. Please pray everything goes well and that I get into a decent university for Psychology. I promise Alla_, I will work harder and make the most of this opportunity.



  191. FATIMA says:

    salam can you pray for me plz as you know pray for others is good than us we pray iam so difficltly and i don,t know what should i do can u send for a dua plz can you send a dua for study and memory or for sucess i read evry dua iam pray and read all the dua in holy book and interent where i liveing there is no masqua no mola in here to ask for and they give a dua for me can you post dua in here or send emil for me this amil adders plz this is my adress can you pray for me a suceess thank you

  192. UZ says:

    salaam brother

    no offence but i have had so many really good job interviews , however i have been using this dua from this site for 5 months and no luck. y is that. i do prepare myself for the interview, i answer the questions all fully…and in the past 5 months , each month i have had an interview and reading the dua hasnt made me successful in the job interview?

  193. SHIMI says:

    salams. ask dua for me to pass my exams pls.may ALLAH bless u

  194. SHAHID says:

    I am doing ACCA and i have taken 4 subjects in last two attempts and in both attempts i have failed all 4. I am very depressed and don’t want to face anyone. All my friends have left me behind. Please tell me a dua so that i get success and i feel mentally better. Tell me a dua which will help me pass. i study very hard.

  195. SADIA RAHMAN says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    I am recieving my GCSE results later on today, so please can you make dua for me, to do well in them Inshallah. I have recited the dua, provided above. I guess the rest is up to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala; I have faith in him and I know he will guide me to the right path. Yet again, I plead you all to make dua for me and my friends, to get the results we desire.

  196. MASAKALI says:

    Salaam brother
    I have an interview tomorrow morning and wanted to ask if you and all muslim brothers and sisters who visit this site could please make dua for me, as i desperately need this new job as it would help me financially. also please could you advise of a weezfah or dua which i can read on behalf of my self and my partner. we have alot of financial problems especially my partner who seems to be sinking with debt i feel helpless as i am unable to help him financially unless i can get a good paid job. please please make dua for us.

  197. NAZNEEN says:

    Salaam alaikum,

    Bhai, could you please tell me what is the meaning of the following dream.

    I saw one man in a cage along with a lady with Naqab. and tigers sitting outside the cage. the place is like Darga. that man in cage is talking with Tiger and people around says that he is Harzarat Ali….

    second time i saw it a again a holy place. I saw mazar’s. one Khabar is covered with a white cloth and lasies are sitting in front and reciting quran. I tell my sister” this is Bibi Mariyam”‘s mazaar. and finally i see one long mazaar ( plain only mud) and I tell her. this is our Huzoor’s mazaar.

    please tell me what is this about. is this a good dream. what is indicationg me?


  198. NAZNEEN says:

    we have coupons from LuLu. Draw is going tot ake place in Sept. Please sugest once Dua to be a winner in the draw.

    and also i have applied for one internal position in my company. please suggest me a dua that they shud select me only.


  199. FATIMA says:

    salam i need dua for good momory to underestant very well i leran very quick now i don,t know what happend to me when i read i couldnt pick quickly thanks can anyone send for the dua and dua for sucess can anyone send for the dua for the sucess to pass all the test and exam thanks

  200. FATIMA says:

    salam can anyone send for a dua for momory tom leran quickly i was leran quickly and now i cant leran like that time and send a dua for sucess and pass the test and exam thanks

  201. AYESHA FAIZAN says:

    Assalam O Alaikum !
    My friend wants to become a doctor,entry test is on 29th august 2010,can u plz tell me any wazifa,any dua,or anything,which i can do for him,so that he can get admission in government medical college.
    I hope you will reply soon,as its really urgent.

  202. AYESHA FAIZAN says:

    Assalam O Alaikum !
    I hope u r fine.
    Sir i have a request,my friend is going to appear in a very difficult exam of MBBS entry test tomorrow on 29th of august,his life is dependent on this exam,please tell me any dua so that he can get succeeded n get admission in government medical college.
    I would be very thankful to you.
    Waiting for your reply…

  203. S IZHAR ALAM says:



  204. NAZNEEN says:


    you dont have any answer for my post – posted above?

  205. MORUFAT says:

    Salam aleakum.
    I went for an immigration hearing this week and the judge told me they will give me the response by mail. Please I need special dua so I can get a positive reply from them. What can i be doing till i wait for the mail to come. this is very urgent. I want them to grant me my stay insha allahu. Please i need special dua that will make them give me good and positive response in the mail. Masalam

  206. MUHAMAD HANIF says:

    Assalamualaikkum to all.insha allah tomorrow i am going to attand the interview in mahindra satyam.so,please pray for me

  207. SAD GIRL says:

    Asalam Alaikum brothers and sisters..

    We are riseding in UAE. My father is in jail, due to some cases of ‘bounced cheques’, since february. My both brothers dont have any job. We had a small business, but its almost over. We are in great troubles, we dont have any source of income. Please tell me some dua or wird so that our problems are finished. Please, please, please, we are in greatttttt trouble. And also please tell me where can I send my problems in detail.

    May Allah SWT bless you abundantly for all your efforts.

    Jazaak Allahu Khair!

    Please reply soooon!

    Fi Amaan Allah!

  208. MASAKALI says:

    Salam bro
    My partner is in alot of debt and struggling to make money as he is self employed – please can you tell me a dua i can read so that out financial problems are resolved.

    also i sent a message a couple of weeks ago and can see that you didn’t respond to it – please can you respond to this one ASAP.


  209. NADIA says:

    im from uk ive been going to apply for alot of colleges to do applied sceince but not letting me in some say got to many students already already some say your late. i wana get a place at Bournvill college i sent them an email i hope they call me for an interview and i get in for the course. I also like this guy we love each other alot please do dua we stay happy and dont fall apart also our parents agree to the wedding.

  210. NADIA says:

    i had a dream that we are going somewhere with my family in a car and my dad says oh look there’s a short cut to go through the next road. then my sister gets out the car and goes towards the short cut road, then i go to i see stairs going up there very tight and i find it hard to go up bu i reach to the top my mum dad are behinde me. At the time my sister aint there. Then when i reach the top the stairs are closed there is no way out there is just a bit of light coming through and i be really upset that i came al the way and its closed. As t i say that i see like a door at the side of the stairs and there are students i could see in and this man comes out and says these stairs will open from the top soon then you can go through then i go back down and i see my sister coming from this other road. Is this dream linked to the colleges im being refused by i had this dream about 5.30 am.

  211. MOHAMMAD YUSUF says:


  212. IFAT says:


    Sir could you PLS let me know any wazifa to pass my driving test? This will be the 4th time and i ran out of money as well.
    Pls contact me asap as my exam is coming closer!

    May Allah tahala bless us all, Amin.

    Allah hafiz

  213. AMINA says:

    Aslamo’alakum brother,
    i am the only daughter left with my parents they are really worried about my Rishta; as they are not able to find a compatible match; tell me some special dua and please guide me though, so that Allah grants me success.

  214. IRAM says:

    asalam alaikum brother,,
    this whole week iam gonna be testing(exams) inshallah,and iam very nervous about it,it is very difficult.i did read this dua more the 99 times and do believe allah can make “anything” possible,,,please do dua 4 me that i pass and reach my goal happily.thank you

  215. SARBUDEEN says:

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    I am sarbudeen. I am physical challanged guy leg. I dont have job. Please pray for me in your prayer to get a job.

  216. HIRA says:

    Assalam-o-Alikum tomorrow is my result please please pray for me that i got above 95% marks pray for me.

  217. ZAINA says:

    Asalamualaikum my brothers and sisters.

    I prayed a lot to Allah the almighty for a job. on the day of the interview I read the above dua as directed. I went for the interview and got a call the next day… i got the job… I intend on using this dua and other duas that i know, plus my own supplication to ask for Allah’s help in similar situations. I tank Allah for my job and I am tanking the brother or sister who posted this dua for us to benifit from. May Allah bless you for sharing.

  218. HUMA says:

    salam bro,,,
    i m too much worried bcoz i nearly lost my job tomorrow they call me again and plz suggest me any dua which help me to get back my job ,,,plz do reply bcoz i really need job..

  219. NAVEED says:

    Assalamualaikum Maulana..

    Plz pray for me for Job, Marriage,Repayment of Bank Loan ,other loan


  220. SANJEEDA says:

    Please pray for me that i should get good job and love should be there between me and my husband. If i get job i willbe able to help my aunty who inspite of poorness adapted yateem boy and struggling in life. I f i will get good job atleast i can help her and that yateem boy. Plz pray me.

  221. ALEEM says:

    hello iam aleem i have exams from tomorrow plz prayer for me

  222. HUSNA says:

    plz pray 4 me for iam success in my alll exam because its my final on 5 april plzzz pray 4 me and may allah bless u & plzz plzz pray 4 me

  223. RUMANA PATHAN says:

    I Have Finished Up With My Exams But It Didnt Went Good What Dua I Should Recete To Pass Please Help

  224. SHAHUL says:

    assalamalekum to all muslim brothers….. i did my m tech. i want a job . i am not concentrating on particular thing . plz pray for me to concentrate on such my job………..

  225. MUBINA says:

    I husband lost his job. Could you please tell me any wazifa to find a job. We are having a very difficult time and having great risks.

  226. FARHA says:

    Assalamualaikum everyone. Yesterday I had an interview and it’s now that i came across this page. So I didn’t read this Dua. So everyone please remember me in your prayer as I wish to get that job. INSHA ALLAH every people will be successful in their life. AMEEN


    Assalamualaikum everyone. Yesterday I had my interview and it’s now that i came across this page. So I didn’t read it. So please remember in your prayer so that i can get that job. INSHA ALLAH everyone will be successful one day. AMEEN.

  228. MARIA RAFIQ says:

    Asalaam- Alaykum

    I’m going for a job interview tomorrow, and hope I get the job InshaAllah, I have no father, I live with my mom and 2 sisters. I want to help my mom a little, therefore I really hope I get this job and need all your dua. InshaAllah

  229. ABDOOLWAASIU says:

    Salam alekum,I apply for customs in my country “Nigeria”i knows nobody but Allah(SWT) since we all know that nigerin leader use to cheat people by imposing candidate on employer,pls pray for me no matter how they try their malpractices let my name be chosen as one of the successful candidate for this 2011 customs service recruitment may Allah be wth you pray for me.my Naes are:AWOYEMI WASIU GBENGA.

  230. SHUMAILA says:

    salaam i have been trying to find a job for the past year can u please send me a dua for me getting a job thank you

  231. IBRAHIM says:

    As/w Shareez Khan, I have been with out status for the last five years here in US, so I’ll have a very decisive immigration interview on the 21st of April 2011 will you plz mind to make dua for me so that i can make it my day. Bless all muslims on the world. Jazakalahkum keir.

  232. 0297 says:

    Salam , i have got an exam tommorow and i would like to ask you what dua should i pray before my exam and please can all muslim brother and sisters make dua for me and my friends that we do well in our exams , inshallah , Jazakallah

  233. ARSHIYA says:

    Asalam allikum brother

    my name is Arshiya im from Bangalore,India..i like some one n he is having a big day today as he is studying engineering,, today is his project submission day so please pray for him so that his project should be selected i really like him n care about him alot.want to see him happy always..please do pray for him as its his big day for him..he has worked a lot on that project so please do pray for him..

    hope i get to see your reply from your side

  234. SANIA says:

    Hey i got an exam on wed 18th may 2011…
    I did an exam this mon 16th may 2011… Plz can you pray for me that i pass this time round. My mother always wanted me to do well… Also what dua do i make befor the exam and what dua do i make before opening the exam paper?


    sir i was rejected and denied f1 visa today and i av been making all these duas for the past three months…..the interview was smooth but i was still denied……,pls help me i want to re-apply by next week sir,what dua should i make again coz i beleive in Allah only

  236. MUFEEDA says:

    Assalamu Alaikum.
    i completed my 12th grade board exams and my results are due next week.. i desperately need a 90% and first rank in school . please pray for me. And tell me any duas i can do to get expected results… i believe Allah (swht) will answer my prayers.. Allah hafiz. 🙂

  237. ARROW says:

    Sir, I am extremely desperate to find my into some US medical school. My grades are not that high, but I have a lot of motivation and ambition to become a doctor. after all, its one of the best professions of life for both deen and duniya.
    I am waiting to hear back from certain school and college about interviews, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME THAT I AM GRANTED INTERVIEWS AND SUCCEED IN THEM .


  238. SHAISTA YOUSUF says:

    Aslamu alikum

    hope You are fine .i have an request that we are four members in family(mama,papa, me and my younger sister).
    My father does not work from 3 years and our family is sufering alot because of fincial prolem now.Our parents qurallel daily ,they dn t have mutual understanding ,our furture is ruined now,we both sister are very weak in studies and in every step of life.please pray for my family ,and our furture too,my name is shaista ,my mthers name is shahzada ,my fathers name is mohd yousuf and my sisters name is khair u nisa.please and please pray for our furture,i will be thankfull to u
    allah hafiz

  239. SHAISTA YOUSUF says:

    Aslamu alikum

    hope You are fine .i have an request that we are four members in family(mama,papa, me and my younger sister).
    My father does not work from 3 years and our family is sufering alot because of financial prolem now.Our parents qurallel daily ,they dn t have mutual understanding ,our furture is ruined now,we both sister are very weak in studies and in every step of life.please pray for my family ,and our furture too,my name is shaista ,my mthers name is shahzada ,my fathers name is mohd yousuf and my sisters name is khair u nisa.please and please pray for our furture,i will be thankfull to u
    allah hafiz

  240. SYED HASEEB UDDIN says:


  241. SAMIRA says:

    Salaam to every one here,
    Pls. you all pray for me to get a success in my second rount of interviw which was on last thrusday… but I have seen this site only today & I haven’t read the above mentioned DUA at the time of interview. My whole day pass by looking to my mobile phone or checking emails if they replied.
    Pls. you all pray for me and I have a personal request to Sharaaz Bhai if you can pls. advice me some tasbi for success, I will be waiting for your reply.

  242. IMROSE says:

    Assalamualaikkum bro

    I really want to go to u.s for education since than i planned and started my process every single thing i attempt or trying to do is going wrong, firstly i have written my tofel exam but did not qualify in it and now than i want to write the xam but dates are not availaible,the second thing iam really worried about my visa wat if it gets rejected?? iam unable to sleep since 2 months its like iam falling ill day by day iam completly disturbed regarding this matter can you please help me out.

  243. TAHSIN FATIMA says:

    Dear Sister,

    This is tahsin fatima from Ranchi Jharkhand.
    Now a days i am working in Pvt co,but my desire to achieve a goverment Bank Job .So please pray me for achieving my goal.

    Allah Hafij

  244. Assalam-o-Alaikum
    Adil Shamim Khan 15m from NTPC colony tanda U.P.
    bhai main ne AMU +2 ka entrance imtehan dia hai please aap log Allah Pak se mere selection k lie dua kariega and send any dua on akshamimkhan@gmail.com for success
    Allah aap sab ko Jaza-e-khair de
    Jazak Allah

  245. SAFNA says:

    assalamu alaikum

    in allah’s grace i have completed my post graduation in pharmacy, now searching for a job, i have applied to as many colleges as possibe, but didnt get any call from any of my colleges. please suggest dua to get a interview call and to pass the interview and get a good paid job.


  246. IMROSE says:

    Assalamualaikkum bro

    I really want to go to u.s for education since than i planned and started my process every single thing i attempt or trying to do is going wrong, firstly i have written my tofel exam but did not qualify in it and now than i want to write the xam but dates are not availaible,the second thing iam really worried about my visa wat if it gets rejected?? iam unable to sleep since 2 months its like iam falling ill day by day iam completly disturbed regarding this matter please say me some duas
    please reply me bro ..i have booked my exam date its 25 of june and my interview date is 11 july iam really worried iam going through lot of problems and tensions please do reply me humble request..

  247. YASMIN says:

    salam, I have a job interview for a primary school teacher tomorrow. please keep me in your duas inshallah I get the job.
    thank you alla hafiz

  248. SUZANA says:

    please pray for me i want to pass the exams for the job i want please do

  249. SHAMA SHAMIM says:

    i and my husband both looking for a job from last one year. we are in great need for a job. We have faced lots of interviews but no positive reply we got from anywhere.we both are highly qualified. pls pray for us and suggest some dua or wazifa.

  250. MISBAH NAWAZ says:


  251. SHANA says:

    assalamu alaikum
    hi !!
    i am studyinhg in 10th std (CBSE BOARD) .in saudiarabia.
    and well,after a few days i am going to write my first term board exam ,i am really very nervous and tensed about how my exams would go…
    plz i need all your prayers with me..and i want to score good marks in my exam .plz pray for me…ALLAH is great !! i hope he ll help me..! may allah bless you all…….

  252. AMNA says:

    please everyone reading this pray for my exams i am very worried about them… May Allah(SWT) grant me and my muslim brothers and sister success in this life and Hereafter. and May He lead us to the right path Himself and make us do good deeds. and may our nafs be purified Inshallah.

  253. MD.ZISHAN AKHTAR says:

    plz…meri naukri ke liye dua kare,,

  254. MAARIA says:

    Assalaam brothers and sisters. My dad has a very important interview tomorrow for a job, so please pray for his success as much as you can. He has been unemployed for over 2 years now, and is now beginning to slowly lose confidence and faith in his own abilities.
    May Allah grant him and the rest of the ummah success the days to come. Ameen

  255. ANOM says:

    Asalam wa alaikum,
    Please can you make dua for my brother, who is going to be attending court for a trial. Inshallah he doesn’t go to prison and to help him to guide on the right path and keep away from bad influence of others. Is there a dua we can say for him or himself to protect from prison.

  256. KHADIJAT says:

    Salam pls when i read i dont understand and the little i understand i do forget.pls what dua can i do.

    • ADMIN says:

      This dua will help you inshaAllah:

      Read the following daily for 40 days in the state of wudu morning or evening. Pause or have someone else read if you are in your monthly period:

      1) 11 times salawaat on the Prophet sallallahu alayhe wasallam (Durood)
      2) 111 times “Rabbi Yassir Wa Laa Tu-assir Wa Tammim bil Khayr”
      3) Blow on water and drink.
      4) 11 times salawaat on the Prophet sallallahu alayhe wasallam (Durood) again

  257. SEMRAN THAMER says:

    Salam Alay Kum,
    My name is Semran and I will be taking the SAT test on December 1st inshallah. Please pray that I will do good inshallah. This test will hep me get to college.
    May allah bless you.

  258. ARSHIA ALVI says:

    Assalam o alaikum,
    My husband is a businessman. Many people owe him money and are not giving it back. Please pray for us and also suggest a dua for this purpose that i can pray

  259. SISTER T says:

    Hi I’m waiting for my husband visa I applied in sep 2012 plz make dua bhai I hear v soon

  260. RAJAU USMAN says:

    Assalamu alaikum,pls type sorts of du’a for hw to pray for my late father and my parents including my country and my umma?

    • ADMIN says:

      The best you can do for your late parent(s) is to recite Qur’an and ask Allah from your heart to grant them the Thawaab (the reward) of the Quran. The easiest is to do it on a daily basis by reciting Surat ul-FAtiha once and Surah Ikhlas (Qul Huwallahu Ahad…) 3 times and then make the dua. You can also send the same reward to all of the people who passed away in the Ummah.

  261. ABDULWASEEH says:

    salam aleikun. Pls i need u to help me with prayers for my admission into the higher institution, i knw it only from allah i can get the fullest support.

  262. FARSU says:

    sir ,sharaaz khan please reply to me.

  263. FARIDA says:

    assalamualaikum, please i am still waiting for my exam results. i have done all the above prayers and more. please pray for me. this is very important to me

  264. SHEIKH MOHD ZAAFR says:

    Currently I am in a private job and there has been a very uncertainty in my profession.
    I want to work Independently. Please suggest me If I can have my own Independent business.

  265. SIDDIQA says:


    I am currently working, but facing too many problem with the higher position people. They lik people who are not religious but i cant act or behave lik them going against Islam. Please help me and let me know wht to do to make things happen in my favour.

  266. MAHTAB ALAM says:

    I am jobless since last five months. I appeared interview and performed well but I didn’t success. Please make a lot of dua for my success.

  267. MAHTAB ALAM says:

    Assalamo Alaikum
    I am jobless since last five months. I appeared interview and performed well but I didn’t success. Please make a lot of dua for my success.

  268. AKIF SARFARAZ says:

    i want to be a good person and want to leave all bad habits that i have like anger,loose talking etc.
    i also want to prosper in my life
    plz recommend me dua so that i shall be able to be a good boy n succeed in my life.

  269. GOUSYA says:

    assalam valikum

    mai abthak more than 15 interviews attended but i rejected in last rounds every time like that could you please pray for me.could u please give a gud suggestion to me as early as possible.


  270. TABASUM says:

    Assalam aleikum sir,I gave my NET exam Library & Inf. Sc.since from 2009 even now i dint pass, even i was work hard & making lots of dua also but i was always fail.what i do sir.Recently gain i gave my NET exam on 30/6/2013 on Sunday,that’s result may be cum after 3, or 4 months.My problem is that my JRF year is over thats why i want pass this result will cum.Befor exam iam doing all ur suggestion from net. this exam was i studied seriously also, now sir tell me dua that make me pass and get certificate 4 NET/JRF.Please reply me that is for my life, dont ignor sir.i realy needs some more dua.

  271. TABASUM says:

    Assalam aleikum sir,I gave my NET exam Library & Inf. Sc.since from 2009 even now i dint pass, even i was work hard & making lots of dua also but i was always fail.what i do sir.Recently gain i gave my NET exam on 30/6/2013 on Sunday,that’s result may be cum after 3, or 4 months.My problem is that my JRF year is over thats why i want pass this result will cum.Befor exam iam doing all ur suggestion from net. this exam was i studied seriously also, now sir tell me dua that make me pass and get certificate 4 NET/JRF.Please reply me that is for my life, dont ignor sir.i realy needs some more dua.

    Read more: http://www.iecrcna.org/site/1221/dua-before-interview-exams-hearing/#ixzz2YwsrcWoy

  272. SARA says:

    asalam my brother is now applying for visit visa for usa as he z 17 years old please show me some dua so that he can get the visa and the dua can be read by me or my brother would have to read it..thanks

  273. ZEENATH says:

    I live in qatar…iam an indian..married to pakistani and living a happy life with 2 kids. Allah jas given me everything I have asked for in this life …Alhamdullillah. ..now my only prayer n request to allah is ..I have appiled for cannada immigration…its long time since I dint receive any messg from them…I want this immigration coz its difficult for my husb to come to india and we need to settle in one place…so pls brothers n sisters pls pray for me…


  274. I am looking for job. going to interviews. couldnt get succede. please dua allaha se mere rozgari ke liya . .
    allaha hum musalman bhai ko rozgari dey. ameeen


    mera name sidra h me ap sa apne exams k lye koi wzifa ya dua pochna chti hu kio k mje exams k wakt bht muskil hti h koi bi chez yd rakh k use likhna kase h
    or paper da k lgta h k fail hi ho jao gi plzz help me


    I am 16 and I am having as hard time with my studies, it wasn’t as hard before I was top kid in my class. But now I feel tired and stressed. Also I come home late from school because I live far from school so I miss namaz until magrib. But everyday for the past 2 years I haven’t been reading namaz on time or never. I want to read namaz I feel a strong urge but after 2 days I stop. This has been happening for a long time. I want to be a Hafiz and read Quran with qirat but because of school I can’t. I get very strong urges to pray and read Quran but something is holding me back. Can someone help me? Also next year I’ll be going to college but I want to be a Hafiz and do qirat too but my parents are poor and they CNT afford to send me in my college years can anyone help me

    • ADMIN says:

      With a lot of pressure and stress, it is normal to feel demotivated at times. Motivation is something that doesn’t stay constant. When you are down, remember Allah as when you have peak moments in life. Here is a Hadith Qudsi that has always been a source of motivation for me…On the authority of Abu Harayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), who said that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his family and companions) said: Allah the Almighty said: I am as My servant thinks I am (1). I am with him when he makes mention of Me. If he makes mention of Me to himself, I make mention of him to Myself; and if he makes mention of Me in an assembly, I make mention of him in an assemble better than it. And if he draws near to Me an arm’s length, I draw near to him a fathom’s length. And if he comes to Me walking, I go to him at speed. It was related by al-Buhkari (also by Muslim, at-Tirmidhi and Ibn-Majah). Recite “La Hawla Wa Laa Quwwata illa Billah” regularly, and especially when you feel held back. When that happens, jump up do good deeds without procrastinating. And Allah knows best, and may Allah strengthen your imaan and mine.

  277. MIRIAM says:

    Slmz plz make dua for my son Salmaan he is going to write final exams next week he. Must pass with good grade inshallah

  278. PASHTOKK says:

    tomorrow is my paper pray for me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  279. SUMAIYA says:

    asalamualaikum i want dua for sucees in ma university exams

  280. NAMRA ZAHEER says:

    sir i always try very hard to get success in my exams but every time i get disappointed please tell me some dua to recite to get success in my exams

  281. ANY says:

    i m very unlucky in case of getting jobs.i got job but the time was not in my favour and also i was not confident while was doing job ..now i m jobless please send me wazeefa for job and also for confidence

  282. MEDOUNE says:

    Salam brother, am havin a visa interview i want a dua to say to get the visa….
    Thank you

  283. MOHD MUMTAJ ALI says:

    my 6months se job nahi hai my kya karu koi kahete hai tumper jaadu kare hai my interview me pass hone ke liye dua dijiye please send sms through my contact no.9948022687

  284. MUZHGAN says:

    salam my dear brothers nd sisters when u people want that ur wish must b accepted then try to read quran nd also do ur 5times pray nd when u pray for ur wish then get help Allah by his beautiful names..in shah Allah it comes true

  285. ANGEL786 says:

    I sincerely need a wazifa for a job transfer abroad.plz what shuld I recite?

  286. NISHI AHMED says:

    I have given one person 1 lakh taka as debt. But he frauted me. He is hidden now and stopped his number. What I will do. How I will back my money?

    Another one is without any cause my husband divorce me only for happy his mother. But he did not give my mohorana. It was six lakh taka. I did not give any case against him. Still now I love him. He told me he will give. But did not.
    How I will get my moharana money? pLEASE give me my answer. Now I am single. Which dua is perfect for me.

  287. NISHI AHMED says:

    I have given an exam for fellowship. TOmmorow will be result and then evening viva. How I will Pass please tell me and will get scholarship.

  288. IMRAN says:

    This really worked for me.. beleive in HIM and it will work inshallah

  289. sir mera 21/09/2014 ko CTET ka exam. hai. koi dua bataie jo muje exam. pass kra de. Plz replai sir.

  290. KABIRAT says:

    Allah should upgrade me in my place of work. I want allah subuhan watahalah’s help and assistance bcs if a man help, he/she will mock u but if it is Allah, he is d ultimate helper,

  291. IBRAHIM AIS says:

    Assalamu alaikum, pls i need your prayers for iam going to write my entrance exam in to the university this week to cope the cut-off of my course which iam really hoping to study. Your prayers is very important. Thank u ol


    Mujhe ap log ki hlp chyea plz
    mai job krti hu jb new new job thi toh bhot acha tha sb km ho jta tga par ab mujhe 7 mahine hogyi hai toh jab meri deal hota hai nhi hoti hai lst m cnl ho Jati hai
    abhi mujhe last mnt mila hai job ke liyea mai allah se daily duwa krte hai par kuch nhi hota

  293. TANAAZ says:

    tomorow is my result plz pray for me for i get sucess in my result

  294. MUMTAZ ALI says:

    Aslam brother please do a special dua as i have a job interview may 26th tuesday at 2pm .
    Mumtaz Ali rzk

  295. NUZHAT says:

    I m Stustudying pilot course and im not good in Flying nd i managed somehow to continue learning. My flying test going to be held next Tuesday. I am so scared. Plz tell me dua that will help me to pass my test. I dont want to fail it and disappoint my parents. They spent all their money for my study. Plz contact me asap
    Email nuzhat.islam12@yahoo.com

  296. AUWAL ALIYU says:

    thank you very much for sharing with us what Allah made you to know and may He reward you abundantly. lm also attending an interview with W.A.E.C I need your prayers all Muslims brothers and sisters.

  297. RABIU says:

    I have being call for an interview in a nursing school. please pray for me

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