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Waking up in the morning 11
Before sleeping 11
Du’aa related to eating:
Before starting Meal 12
If forgotton to recite the du’aa before eating 12
After finishing meal 13
When eating elsewhere 13
Drinking milk 14
When eating the first fruit of the season 14
Before entering the toilet with left foot 15
After exiting the toilet with right foot 15
When wearing new clothes 16
When looking into mirror 16
Du’aa entering/exiting-home/masjid:
When entering the home 17
When leaving the home 18
When entering the Masjid 19
When leaving the Masjid 19
Du’aa related to travelling:
When getting into the vehicle 20
When the vehicle moves 20
Du’aa related to sneezing:
When sneezing 21
The listener’s reply 21
The sneezer’s response 21
When seeing a Muslim laugh 22
When welcoming someone 22
On hearing good news 22
For increase in knowledge 23
Du’aa for studying 23
For studying something difficult 23
Du’aa at the time of proceeding upwards 24
Du’aa at the time of descending 24
Du’aa to gain patience when one is angry 24
Du’aa at the time of receiving a gift 25
Du’aa at the time of shaking hand 25
Du’aa when something is lost 26
Du’aa to remove stuttering/at the start of religious
gathering/to increase knowledge and sustenance 26
Protection from 70 calamities 27
When thanking someone 27
The prayer for relief from any illness 27
Supplication to cure digestion 28
Du’aa for death on Imaan 28
Du’aa related to Adhan and Namaz
Du’aa after adhan 29
Durood-e-Ibrahimi 30
Tashah’hud 31
Du’aa in Namaz After Durood-e-Ibrahimi 32
Du’aa for Parents 32
Du’aa-e-Qunoot 33
Du’aa in difficulties and pain:
When in financial difficulty 34
When a loss occurs 34
When seeing someone in distress 35
When an evil thought comes in mind 35
Du’aa for relief from worries and debts 36
When one sees and experiences something evil 36
When in difficulty 37
Du’aa for protection against harm and injury 37
When in bodily pain 37
When Visiting the sick 38
Du’aa for fever 38
Du’aa related to Ramadan
Du’aa for keeping fast 39
Du’aa after iftaar(breaking fast) 39
Du’aa for Tarawih prayer 40
Du’aa for the first ten days of Ramadan 41
Du’aa for the middle ten days of Ramadan 41
Du’aa for the last ten days of Ramadan 41
Sighting the new moon cresent 42
Du’aa for protection on The Day of Qiyamah 43
After slaughtering the animal 43
Du’aa when leaving a gathering 44
Du’aa when entering shopping centre 44
Du’aa after completing The Holy Quran 45
The most comprehensive of all du’aa 46
Durood Shareef 47
Astaghfar 48
Places and time where du’aa is answered 49

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